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Readings, Announcements for August 30, 2020

Greetings from Living Word Lutheran Church

Pentecost +13
August 30, 2020
9:00 AM Sunday Service;
via Facebook LIVE
First Reading: Jeremiah 15:15-21
Psalm: Psalm 26
Second Reading: Romans 12:9-21
Gospel Lesson: Matthew 16:21-28

Sunday August 30

Sunday Service of the Word, 9:00 AM on Facebook live;   followed by the Service of the Sacrament  (Lord's Supper) each week, (off camera).  

Audio and service video links are posted at: to be viewed later in the day.

>> Keeping these in our Prayers:     
     For the healing of our country and all citizens during these times of unease, disease, and unrest;
       Teachers, parents, admin, and students,
working to figure out what school classes and schedules will look like;
Lexie H., for good health and strength as she enters the final weeks before baby girl arrives;   
Connie, (Debbie's aunt), recovering from stomach surgery Aug. 25, tumor removal, round of chemo starting;
     Dawn V, for relief from back pain (compressed disks);
Judy R,  (Charlene's daughter), seeking clear diagnosis and treatment options for neck and spinal disk issues;
Michele B., SI joint pain in her back, treatment delayed due to covid schedules;
     Evie E., at home
;  Joyce R., at Columbia Crest;  & Gordon at Brookdale-Hearthstone;
   Those who may be struggling with depression or loneliness during an extended isolation;
  Friends and Family battling cancer:      
       Emma, (14 yr old daughter of Norm's friend Bob Tatum), stage 4 cancer diagnosis (hip & lungs) and beginning chemo;
Alice F., under treatment for acute myeloid leukemia.;
        Paul B.,
immunotherapy treatment;

        Angie, (Judene's sister), stage 4 lung cancer,  continues various treatments and medical trials;
        Toni S. (wife of Dick, Pastor Lou's pastor friend in N.Dakota), under treatment for lung cancer;
Carol G., (friend of Ila and Charlene), multiple myeloma;
Emily, (friend of Kelli), brain cancer, frontal lobe;
       Aliyah  (Ila's 3-yr old niece),  ganglioneuroblastoma (brain cancer);
       Bill, (brother of John Schafer), glioblastoma brain cancer & after radiation effects;       
    Those who mourn the loss of loved ones; 
          especially Mary R., Dawn V., Evie E., Amanda H., Ila, Joyce R., Pr. Swanson;
    Friends and family members who struggle with addictions of various kinds,
    Active military & law enforcement, & fire fighters & their families: for safety and peace in the line of duty:
        esp (military)  Jonathan P, Riley C, Olaf M, Brady E, Jordan M, Luke S.,  Logan H,
        and (law enforcement) 
Justin E, Scott N, Jeff W, David H, Anandae C;
  Those in the mission fields far from home, especially Danelle Putnam (and Brenna Moss);
  Expectant mothers (and fathers!)
especially  Caleb & Lexi H.;  -- and for those who would like to be;
  Engaged couples preparing for marriage, especially Gaige & Danielle; Danelle (Putnam) & Carlos;
>>> Thanks and Praises
    --   Thankful for medical professionals, particularly our own Margot, Pam, Ellene, Raven, Lane, and Laura Lea;
      --  Congratulations, Jonathan --
a new baby daugher with Rachal last week, and air defense training graduate this week!

>>> Continued prayers for:
              -- Patty F*de -- Paul & Sandy --  Simon R*gers --  Michele B -- Arlene (Wayne's wife) -- Ken & DeAnne (Deb's parents) -- Julie Reyn*lds (Laurie O. sister, breast cancer) --  Danette, Kyle E.,  Loren, Josh -- Mary  & Gordon at Brookdale/Hearthstone; Joyce at Columbia Crest;   Rev. Steve My*rs (in Spokane) -- the farmers of South Africa.

Welcome, little one !
Naomi Grace Pink-rton was born August 18, to Rachal and Jonathan.  6#, 8 oz, and 19.5 inches long;  mom and baby are doing well.  Naomi was named after Jonathan's grandmother, who first recognized his talent at the piano.  Jonathan would not have been able to attend the birth had Rachal traveled to Oklahoma for it (as initially planned); good friend and godmother to the other kids, Kathryn, was present for support.  Prayers of Thanksgiving!

Congratulations, Jonathan!
Jonathan Pink-rton completed and graduated from the
US Army air defense battle management system operator (14G) training program on August 28 at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.  Unfortunately, this meant he was unable to be here for the birth of little Naomi last week, and there are no plans to return to Moses Lake for a visit anytime soon.  In a departure from other ceremonies, the graduation was broadcast on Facebook Live -- here is the link for those who might be interested in viewing it (especially at 7:00 and 11:15).  "He will remain at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma," I believe I heard the officer say on the video.

Mutual Conversation Connections
  * Norm and Linda B-nson -- It is said that "Behind every great man is a great woman," and  sometimes you will find Linda riding behind Norm on the Harley while they do a little traveling.  They have been all over this country, including Sturgis, South Dakota (but not this year!), as they enjoy this cycling hobby together.  Both of them have been keeping busy working right through these past months, pretty much as normal.  Linda works at her shop, the Hair Affair in Moses Lake, 3 days/week, where she's been for 23 years now.   Norm was in the insurance sales business, part owner at Blessing and Associates in ML until he "retired," and among other things, has driven trucks for potato or corn harvest in the area.  He is currently working 5 days/week for Boeing at the ML airport cleaning under the parked airplanes (about 240 of them!) so that when they are started up periodically, the engines won't suck up debris.   They have 2 adult children (Scott and Bertina) and 6 grandchildren.  "Life is good!" is a good motto for them.

  * Evie Ell-stad -- Covid considerations mean that Evie has been unable to come to church in person as she would like to.  She told me to say that she "misses everybody."   Always with a positive attitude and endless trust in the Lord, Evie is one of our best prayer warriors, wherever she is.   This summer she
had her 94th birthday  "drive-by"party at her home, where she still lives on her own.  Evie and husband Vern came to Moses Lake in 1952 or so from Minnesota, where they farmed and Vern did some wood pulp work;  he got started with a meat cutting apprenticeship here and worked up to his own butcher shop.   Vern's Meats  continued to be family owned until just a few years ago when Tom and Larry "retired."  Vern and Evie were married for  65 years until his passing about 11 years ago;  they have/had 4 children (Larry, Tom, Alice, & Roger),  and has lost count on grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  For those keeping track of these things, Gordon E.  is Vern's younger brother.  Evie says she is"so blessed" to be where she is and has no pains other than a little arthritis in her hands;  she still drives herself to the bank once in a while too.  She has stopped using her email, but does use Facebook to keep in touch with family and friends, and she welcomes phone calls.... her number is in the member directory.

  * Ben and Kelli H-sse Family -- We see them pretty often ourselves, (Ben is our second child of 3, and only son), but it occurs to me that not everyone has!  Once school was cancelled this spring, Nicholas, Eli, and Lauren were home full time with baby sis, Adah, finishing the school year online.  The boys each got a 4-H lamb to raise, which were recently sold at the Grant County Fair online auction.  The 3 older kids help Ben and Papa Lou at the farm, building sheep fences, spraying weeds, and mowing.    When you see them in person again, you will notice a distinct height increase with Nic since last winter, and Adah is no longer a little baby, now running and trying to talk  a little bit.  She is stingy with her friendship until she is ready, though.  The kids will be all online with school this year, probably for the whole year, in their out-of-district program.  Ben is farming as usual  (as an 'essential worker'), with lots of corn acres this year;  and Kelli and the kids have their own farming going on with a pretty good sized (and very productive) back yard garden.  If you need some eggs, check the refrigerator at the church -- when the chickens get ahead of their ability to use them all, sometimes a spare dozen or 4 show up in there!  Ben and Kelli celebrated their 15th wedding annivesary in July with a parts run to Astoria, Oregon where they had their anniversary dinner "curbside."

  >> If you have some news or insights to share on what you have been doing since we last saw you in person, we are interested!  Just call or reply to this email... or I will hunt you down!    --Debbie

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Attendance last Sunday, 8.23.2020 --  26
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