September 12th, 2020


From Pastor Lou: Truly, truly #20 -- Eyes Wide Open, Into the Storm

Eyes Wide Open, Into the Storm                                                                                                                                                           9.10.2020


“Truly, truly, I say to you, one of you will betray me."

John 13:21

         It has become a commonplace in our time to view Jesus' arrest, trial, and crucifixion as a miscarriage of justice and government gone mad.  Jesus is seen as a brilliant but naive teacher/Rabbi/guru who somehow offended the local power structure and was killed by that power structure who somehow felt "threatened" by his teaching.  Jesus is the "victim" of structures of oppression in this view.  This narrative has led to all kinds of mischief down through history.  For many centuries, the Jews were cast as the oppressors of truth, the ones who crucified "our" Jesus and the ones who should be persecuted for their misdeeds.  During the Middle Ages, the Oberammergau Passion Play performed once every 10 years in that small Bavarian Village in thanksgiving for the end of an outbreak of plague became an excuse too many times to remind people of what the Jews did to Jesus, and a justification for another wave of antisemitic persecution.

         In our time, we often hear that it was those nasty Romans attempting to maintain "law and order" in Palestine who seized Jesus, who was really only a precursor of our modern-day advocates for justice and the end of oppression, whether it be economic, racial, or sexual.  So Jesus as victim becomes the "patron saint" of radical reform agents desiring permanent societal change for the "good," however that may be defined.  So cities burn, property is destroyed, violence is committed in the name of "justice" and "social improvement" -- sometimes in the name of Jesus.

         These narratives have in common a complete misreading of the events that took place in Jesus' life.  Jesus was no victim.  He knows who he is and what his task was -- to die for the sins of the cosmos.  He knew he would be betrayed by one of his own disciples.  He walked into Jerusalem knowing what was coming.  He knew the Jewish leaders were plotting against him.  He knew the Romans would kill him.  He knew his disciples would run away and hide.  He knew Peter would deny him.  He was no victim.

         The disciples, when they heard of the coming betrayal, were befuddled.  John's account says they "looked at one another, uncertain of whom he spoke." Luke tells us "they began to question one another, which of them it could be who was going to do this." (Luke 22:23) Those closest to Jesus were of a mind that any one of them might be a betrayer.  In this should be a caution for each and every one of us.  How have I betrayed the Lord today?  In what ways have I fallen short in following, or even actively worked against God's way in the world?  Could I be the one?  The disciples remained clueless until it became clear that Judas Iscariot was the one who had done the deed.    But in the depth of their hearts none of them held anything but sympathy for Peter, who also betrayed Jesus in his own way by failing to follow as he had promised when he denied Jesus three times later that same evening.  The simple truth is none of us can follow Jesus perfectly and save ourselves by our intentions, actions, or work.  We all need Jesus to be exactly who he was on that night so long ago -- not a naive, hapless victim, but the all-knowing, dedicated lamb of God sent to take away the sin of the world.  How horrible the task, how glories the outcome!

  Remember Whose you are --

         Pastor Lou


Readings, Announcements for September 13, 2020

Greetings from Living Word Lutheran Church        

Pentecost +15
September 13, 2020
9:00 AM Sunday Service;
via Facebook LIVE
First Reading: Genesis 50:15-21
Psalm:  Psalm 103:1-12
Second Reading: Romans 14:1-12
Gospel Lesson:  Matthew 18:21-35

Sunday September 13

Sunday Service of the Word, 9:00 AM on Facebook live;
followed by the Service of the Sacrament  each week,
(off camera).    

Audio and service video links are posted later in the day at: to be viewed at a future time.
Wednesday September 16 Bible study:  the Book of Hebrews -- 7:00 - 8:30 PM, in the fellowship hall

>> Keeping these in our Prayers:      
      For the healing of our country and all citizens during these times of unease, disease, and unrest;
       Teachers, parents, admin, and students,
working to figure out what school classes and schedules will look like;
       For those who have lost homes, businesses, or loved ones from the many fires burning this week;
Family of Alice Fr-tz, especially Evie, Tom, & Larry;
     David & Sarah H, (and Don & Triscia), mourning the loss of baby Talitha, born too soon for this earth;

      Wayne R-mple, (friend of the Bensons, former ML mayor), cancer diagnosis;
      Hailie T., (and empty-nesters, Tim and Carleen) as Hailie moves on to the next phase of her life;
      Lexie H., (and Caleb), for good health and strength as she enters the final week before baby girl arrives;
Judy R,  (Charlene's daughter), seeking clear diagnosis and treatment options for neck and spinal disk issues;
Michele B., SI joint pain in her back, treatment delayed due to covid schedules;
      Evie E., at home
;  Joyce R., at Columbia Crest;  & Gordon at Brookdale-Hearthstone;
   Those who may be struggling with depression or loneliness during an extended isolation; 
    Friends and Family battling cancer:       
        Connie,  (Debbie's aunt), after stomach surgery to remove a tumor; chemo to begin;
         Emma, (14 yr old daughter of Norm's friend Bob Tatum), stage 4 cancer diagnosis (hip & lungs) and beginning chemo;
Paul B., immunotherapy treatment;
         Angie, (Judene's sister), stage 4 lung cancer continues various treatments & new medical trials;
         Toni Sm-th (wife of Dick, Pastor Lou's pastor friend in N.Dakota), under treatment for lung cancer;
Carol G., (friend of Ila and Charlene), multiple myeloma;
Emily, (friend of Kelli), brain cancer, frontal lobe;
        Aliyah  (Ila's 3-yr old niece),  ganglioneuroblastoma (brain cancer);
        Bill, (brother of John Schafer), glioblastoma brain cancer & after radiation effects;        
    Those who mourn the loss of loved ones; 
          especially Mary R., Dawn V., Evie E., Amanda H., Ila, Joyce R., Pr. Swanson;
    Friends and family members who struggle with addictions of various kinds,
    Active military & law enforcement, & fire fighters & their families: for safety and peace in the line of duty:
        esp (military)  Jonathan P, Riley C, Olaf M, Brady E,
             Jordan M, Luke S,  Logan H,
        and (law enforcement) 
Justin E, Scott N, Jeff W, David H, Anandae C; 
   Those in the mission fields far from home, especially Danelle Putnam (and Brenna Moss);
   Expectant mothers (and fathers!)
especially  Caleb & Lexi H.;  -- and for those who would like to be;
   Engaged couples preparing for marriage, especially Gaige & Danielle; Danelle (Putnam) & Carlos;
>>> Thanks and Praises
     --   Thankful for medical professionals, particularly our own Margot, Pam R, Ellene, Raven, Lane, and Laura Lea;
Thankful for teachers and education professionals (including parents!), especially Triscia, Laurie, Mariel, Melodee, Pam H, Anne, Carmen, & Juli;  

>>> Continued prayers for:
               -- Patty Fode -- Paul & Sandy --  Simon Rogers --  Michele B -- Arlene (Wayne's wife) -- Ken & DeAnne (Deb's parents) -- Julie Reynolds (Laurie O. sister, breast cancer) --  Danette, Kyle E.,  Loren, Josh -- Mary  & Gordon at Brookdale/Hearthstone; Joyce at Columbia Crest;   Rev. Steve Myers (in Spokane) -- the farmers of South Africa.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study
Join us for a look at the book of Hebrews this year -- Wednesdays at 7:00 pm, in the fellowship hall.  Sept. 9 was the intro;  on Sept. 13 we will start into chapter 1.  You are welcome to drop in any Wednesday, even if you can't make it every week!  (No class on Sept. 30th).

Camp Lutherhaven
It has been a lean summer season for our friends at Lutherhaven Camp in Idaho, with campers limited to family groups mostly on the weekends due to virus control measures.  This, of course, has resulted in a budget shortfall of over a quarter million dollars so far, with about another $200K shortfall expected for the rest of 2020.  Sadly, this has resulted in the decision to cut the equivalent of 5 full time staff (9 positions affected).  BUT they are still open for fall 2020 get-aways if you want a quiet place to go as a couple or as a family -- contact them to check on dates and availability.    Your prayers are requested, and any support you are moved to consider as well, during this year and into 2021. Lutherhaven has been an important place for many in the congregation over it's 75-yr history.

Crossroads Resource Center
We have recieved word that Crossroads could use some extra receiving blankets, quilts, and/or diapers for their clients.  Baby bottles (or baggies) with cash donations are also accepted year-round.

Quarterly Member Meeting
Our next quarterly meeting is scheduled for September 21st.  Agenda items can be sent to Debbie or Curtis.  It is possible that this meeting might be "skipped," similar to the March meeting, with reports received (and made available to the members), unless there is an objection from anyone in the congregation.  The December meeting is the Annual Budget and Officer Elections meeting.

Mutual Conversation Connections
   * Jess & Dorothy M-ore  -- Living in Moses Lake since 1953, the Moores and the Ellestads go quite a ways back as friends.    They are "doing pretty good" during these past months, and have people looking after them for supplies.  They have 3 children, 2 surviving (one son living in Hawaii died suddenly this past spring), lots of grandchildren, and 4-5 great-grandchildren.   Unfortunately, Jess and Dorothy's entry was inadvertently left out of the 2019 Member Directory (there is always one!);  they have been attending on Sundays once in a while during the past few months.
Peggy & Ken M-rse --   After serving in the US Army, including 9 years at Ft. Sill, OK  at the end of his career  (where Jonathan is now),  Ken and Peggy have lived in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Washington (3 places) since he left the Army in 2002.  They've been in Moses Lake for 2 years now, and Peggy says "this is it.  No more moving."  They have 2 married sons, one in Moses Lake, and one who lives on the west side of the state.  That son's wedding took place in July, having been reduced from a guestlist of 250 down to 16 due to the virus limitations.   Ken now works for the PUD in the transmission office;  Peggy, who worked in varioius office positions along the way while the boys were growing up, now calls herself the "trophy wife."   Peggy appreciated and is thankful for the hospitality shown to her the first time she came to our church and is ready to return soon.

   >> If you have some news or insights to share on what you have been doing since we last saw you in person, we are interested!  Just call or reply to this email... or I will hunt you down!    --Debbie

The latest issue of Connections Magazine (unofficial magazine of the LCMC) is here -- pick up a copy at the church, or request one by calling or replying to this email and we can get it to you.  We also have several back-issues available for your enlightenment and enjoyment.

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Attendance last Sunday, 9.06.2020 --  35