October 16th, 2020


Readings, Announcements for October 18, 2020

Greetings from Living Word Lutheran Church        

Pentecost +20

October 18, 2020
9:00 AM Sunday Service;
via Facebook LIVE
First Reading: Isaiah 45:1-7
Psalm:  Psalm 96:1-9 (10-13)
Second Reading: 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10
Gospel Lesson:  Matthew 22:15-22

Sunday October 18

Sunday Service of the Word, 9:00 AM on Facebook live;
followed by weekly Service of the Sacrament ,
(off camera).    

Audio and service video links are posted later in the day at: livingwordml.livejournal.com to be viewed at a future time.
Wednesday October 21 Bible study -- Hebrews  7 - 8:30 PM, fellowhsip hall
Saturday October 24 Musicians in the Sanctuary, 6:00 PM  (also via FB Live)

>> Keeping these in our Prayers:      
      For the healing of our country and all citizens during these times of unease, disease, and unrest;
            specifically those who are fighting or recovering from the virus;
Mitch M., (owner of our building), recovering from shoulder surgery after a biking accident last week;
   Laurie O., healing after arthroscopic surgery (torn medial meniscus);
Wayne & Arlene, a cancer diagnosis for Arlene and other living transitions coming on soon;
   Linda Bish-p, (friend of Karen Schafer), hospitalized with covid;
    The Neust-ls & Judene's extended family, as they celebrate the long life of Judene's grandmother, Lola;
   Clint S,  (Immanuel friend), at the loss of his wife, Vera; ILC shared this link for the service held Oct. 14;
    Danelle P (missionary to the Dominican Republic) & Carlos, being married 10/17 after a virus delay;
Judy R,  (Charlene's daughter), seeking clear diagnosis and treatment options for neck and spinal disk issues;
    Suzanne, (Charlene's daughter), recovering from weight-loss surgery;
   Michelle B., continued search for long-term backpain relief; surgery possible;
    Jake, (Charlene's grandson), sudden heart rhythm issues have returned, repeat surgery possible;
Evie E., at home;  Joyce R., at Columbia Crest;  & Gordon at Brookdale-Hearthstone;
   Those who may be struggling with depression or loneliness during this extended isolation; 
`    Friends and Family battling cancer:   
       Wayne R.,
(friend of the Bensons, businessman & former ML mayor);
Emma, (14 yr old daughter of Norm's friend Bob Tatum), stage 4 cancer diagnosis (hip & lungs) and beginning chemo;
Paul B., immunotherapy treatment; doing well with it;
       Angie, (Judene's sister), stage 4 lung cancer continues various treatments & new medical trials;
       Toni Sm-th (wife of Dick, Pastor Lou's pastor friend in N.Dakota), under treatment for lung cancer;
Carol G., (friend of Ila and Charlene), multiple myeloma;
Emily, (friend of Kelli), brain cancer, frontal lobe;
      Aliyah  (Ila's 3-yr old niece),  ganglioneuroblastoma (brain cancer);
      Bill, (brother of John Schafer), glioblastoma brain cancer & after radiation effects;        
   Those who mourn the loss of loved ones; 
          especially the Neustels, the Hochstatters,  Evie & Tom E, Mary R., Dawn V.,  Amanda H., Ila, Joyce R., Pr. Swanson;
    Friends and family members who struggle with addictions of various kinds,
    Active military & law enforcement, & fire fighters & their families: for safety and peace in the line of duty:
        esp (military)  Jonathan P, Riley C, Olaf M, Brady E, Jordan M, Luke S,  Logan H,
        and (law enforcement) 
Justin E, Scott N, Jeff W, David H; 
   Those in the mission fields far from home, especially Danelle Putn-m;
   Expectant mothers (and fathers!)
-- and for those who would like to be;
   Engaged couples preparing for marriage, especially Gaige & Danielle; Darby & Talen;
>>> Thanks and Praises
     --    Congratulations to Darby and Talen, newly engaged to be married;
>>> Continued prayers for:
               -- Michelle B (back issues) --  Patty F-de -- Paul & Sandy --  Simon R-gers --  Michele B --  Ken & DeAnne (Deb's parents) -- Julie Reyn-lds (Laurie O. sister, breast cancer) --  Danette, Kyle E.,  Loren, Josh -- Mary  & Gordon at Brookdale/Hearthstone; Joyce at Columbia Crest;   Rev. Steve Myers (in Spokane) -- the farmers of South Africa.

From the Columbia Basin Cancer Foundation's Facebook page (Oct. 5) :

"We are in need of volunteer delivery drivers for our Meals to Heal Program. Must have two legs only to qualify, sunglasses are optional! Delivery starting in November, mostly in the Moses Lake area. We are still working on all the details, but if you are interested please contact Debbie at info@columbiabasincancerfoundation.org or call the office at 764-4644."

Lutherhaven Annual Meeting via Zoom (or phone)

As contributors to Camp Lutherhaven in the past year, Living Word congregation is invited to participate at their annual meeting, 6:30 pm Nov. 5th.  This year it is taking place via Zoom, or by phone.  Lane Johns-n has volunteered to 'attend' the meeting to represent Living Word;  we are entitled to one vote on any matters that come up, but more people may attend if you wish.  Contact Debbie for meeting link details.  Thanks, Lane!

Crossroads Annual Banquet
As with nearly everything else in 2020, the annual fundraising banquet for Crossroads Pregnancy Resource Center will not take place this fall.  But of course, they still do need the donations and pledges that this event always generate, to help educate and support at-risk moms about pregnancy options aside from abortion. "Some generous ministry partners are offering to provide Crossroads with $50,000 if we can raise $150,000 in gifts and pledges by October 31st."  Please prayerfully consider making a sacrificial gift or pledge today toward this challenge deadline of midnight on Saturday, October 31.  Pledges can be paid over 12 months."   Pledges or gifts may be mailed (1555 S. Pilgrim Street, Moses Lake) or made online at www.pregnancywa.org ; credit card payments accepted by calling Christina at 509-765-4425.  "Partnering with you to save lives."  --Crossroads Exec. Director Carol Knopp.

Mutual Conversation Connections --
As pastor Lou often refers to them, "Shirley, Goodness, and Mercy" ...  if you havne't been to church for a while you might be wondering about these three regulars --

    * Shirley Muns-n -- Shirley's family moved to Washington from Nebraska when she was a teen.  She moved back to NE with some friends for a few years after high school but ended up back in WA eventually.     She's always loved to bake stuff (brownies, sugar cookies at holidays, and special occasion cakes) and cook for others.  She "just loves to meet people."  Shirley makes quilts for her grandchildren -- she and Ila owned a small fabric store downtown ML for a year or so way back when; she was a waitress at ML Perkins for 12 years, and then worked 22 years for Dr. Morgan (dentist) before retiring. 
Shirley has one son and 3 daughters, 10 grandchildren, and 16 great-grandchildren, nearly all living in WA.  Her family keeps their  eyes on her during the pandemic but she has returned to Sunday church services and Bible study on Wednesdays.  She is keeping healthy, but a hitch in her leg causes her great pain sometimes.  Don't approach Shirley unexpectedly from behind or she will jump sky-high and shout out!
    * Ila Simps-n -- has been best friends with Shirley since the early 1960s
when they were neighbors in Moses Lake; Shirley's 4 and Ila's 5 kids grew up together and still remain close. Another one of our "kitchen ladies," Ila has always been an essential when a reception is needed for a special occasion.  Her parents were married at the Walla Walla penitentiary when her father was working there as a guard (!) and she is one of 8  children they raised.   Ila has also done lots of sewing and some quilting over the years.  She and late husband Joe have 3 sons and 2  daughters (one son and one daughter now in heaven);  13 granddaughters; and 5 great-granddaughters.  Ila has made it to church and Bible study most weeks this year; her biggest covid "adustment" has been being "teachers' aid" to two great-granddaughters 3 days a week for the  online portion of their classes.  If there was no covid and no home-teaching going, on Ila was quick to say that she "would probably be doing more visiting." 
   *  Ruth Peppl-r -- after losing her husband in a farming accident at a young age, Ruth went on to raise their 3 daughters.  She now also has 3 granddaughters, 2 great-granddaughters and (finally) one great-grandson.  Ruth has always lived somewhere in the state of Washington, born and raised on an Odessa area dryland wheat farm.  She sews, makes quilts, and lovely hand-stamped holiday occasion cards.  She also maintains a lot of flowers in her yard that get shared on the altar during many summer Sundays, as well as baking 'goodies' for fellowship time after church quite often.  Ruth and Joyce Rector met at church around 1986 and became good friends and travel companions on several trips all over the world.  Ruth is a two-time cancer survivor ('93 and '05-'06).   She has been coming to church and Wednesday Bible study as much as possible in 2020, even if it makes her son-in-law 'nervous."
Feel free to let us know if you have something going on, a need, or fun thing that has happened that you want to share;  just call or reply to this email.  --Debbie

Special Music
On Reformation Sunday, October 25, Naomi Pinkert-n will be baptized.  Her daddy Johnathan will be here and will play for our Sunday service along with Nancy Hans-n and friend/godmother Kathryn A-riola.
The three would also like us to know that they will be "at the church on Saturday Oct. 24 at 6 PM to practice/play some music together" ... doors will be open ... if some people were to wander in ... there might be some cookies later ...     "Not a concert," but we expect a lovely evening of great musical talent.  We do also hope/plan to live-stream it on Facebook so pencil it in.  Some Saturday selections will be replayed on Sunday morning, so the service *could* go a *little* long, but Pastor Lou promises a shorter sermon :)    Mark your calendars and bring your masks; and don't be afraid of the front row of seats as we spread out!

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