October 2nd, 2021


Readings, Announcements for October 3, 2021

Greetings from Living Word Lutheran Church
Sunday Service each week at 9:00 AM, 2609 West Broadway,  and on Facebook LIVE

Pentecost +19

October 3, 2021
First Reading: Genesis 2:18-25
Psalm:  Psalm 128
Second Reading: Hebrews 2:1-13 (14-18)
Gospel Lesson:  Mark 10:2-16
Sunday October 3

Service of the Word --   9:00 AM,  in person and on Facebook Live;
      followed by Service of the Sacrament* with the Lord's Supper;
   (Communion is not part of the FB Live broadcast --
         please contact Pastor Lou if you are not attending in person
        and would like to arrange to have communion.
Tuesday October 5 Confirmation class:  6:00 PM  (in homes)
Wednesday October 6 (Possible Table Talk alternative date/time -- 5 - 7 PM , drop in)
Bible History study:  7:00 - 830 PM, fellowship hall
Thursday October 7 >> No Table Talk -- Pastor at wedding rehearsal in Wenatchee
Friday October 8 Wedding:  Josh & Amanda Stucky (Wenatchee venue)
Saturday October 9 (Probable date of memorial service for Arlene Lawson, at Our Savior's, Ephrata)
Crossroads Resource Center banquet,  6 PM,  Fairgrounds 4-H bldg

> Keeping these in our Prayers:
   Wayne L., for peace and comfort at the death of his wife, Arlene, on Sunday 9/19;
Anne and Bob G., & Anne's mom, Monica, for peace and comfort at the death of Anne's father, Ralph, on Thursday, 9/30;
For the healing of our country and all citizens during these times of unease, disease, and unrest;
EECMY churches, pastors, and students we support in Ethiopia, brutal events & persecutions in civil war;
   Christians in Afghanistan;
   Those who may be struggling with depression or loneliness;
> Friends and Family battling Cancer:  
   John Schaf-r, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis; chemotherapy treatments for monthly for 6 months;
   Kaitlin (Dawn V. granddaughter), that thyroid cancer surgery follow-ups wipe it out;
   Carol (Mike L-hou's daughter-in-law);
   Sharon K., (Pastor Hesse's second cousin), stage IV esophageal cancer;
Grant C., (Kelli's friend's son, age 6), chemotherapy week 5 -- embryonal rhabdomysarcoma;
   Elijah T, age 5, (nephew of Malea), recently diagnosed with leukemia; chemotherapy has begun;
   Wayne R., (friend of the Bensons, businessman & former ML mayor);
   Jackie L. (wife of Stan's friend Mark --Basin Propane), needing a miracle after stage 4 liver cancer diagnosis;
   Emma, (14 yr old daughter of Norm's friend Bob Tatum);  
   Carol G., (friend of Ila and Charlene), multiple myeloma;
   Emily, (friend of Kelli), brain cancer, frontal lobe;
   Aliyah  (Ila's 3-yr old niece) and  Bill, (brother of John Schafer), both with glioblastoma brain cancer.   

> Those who mourn the loss of loved ones;
      especially Wayne, the Robillards, Conahans, Neustels, LeMasters, Hesses, Blazers, Tuckers;
>Friends and family members who struggle with addictions of various kinds,
>Expectant mothers (and fathers!) -- and for those who would like to be; especial
ly Lexi & Caleb;
>Engaged couples preparing for marriage, especially
Josh & Amanda; Darby & Talen; Glen & Erika; Gaige & Danielle;
> Thanks, Blessings, and Praises
  -- Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Bryce (Jessie) Emers-n, (son & daughter-in-law of Kris & Paul E), married 9/29;
       --  Many blessings on Josh Stucky & Amanda Stephens, who will be united in marriage on Friday Oct. 8;
       --  Happy Birthday this week  to
Lee L (10/1), Ben H. (10/2), MaKenzie G (10/5);
      --  Happy Annivesary to Mike & Ellene (10/8)
      --  Congratulations to Dan & Ella Kunk-l, new granddaughter, Violet Ella,  (born to their daughter Kari & husband Kevin 9/23);

Continued Prayers for:
     Active military & law enforcement (especially Jonathan P., Olaf M., Brady E., Jordan M., Luke S., Logan H.;  * Justin E, Jeff W, David H;  Riley C;
Evie at home;  Gordon at Brookdale/Hearthstone - 
Vicki G at Columbia Crest  -  Joe Morr-ss  --Jake & Jennifer (Charlene's daughter, grandson)  -  Julie Reyn-lds (Laurie O. sister, breast cancer) -  Joe M., Danette, Kyle E.,  Loren, Josh - Rev. Steve My-rs (in Spokane).

The annual Crossroads dinner event, for 2021 is scheduled for October 9 at the Fairgrounds 4-H building.  Living Word purchases a Table at this banquet, giving opportunity for 8 of our members to attend, eat a good prime rib dinner, and listen to the speaker at no direct cost to them.  There will be an opportunity to donate to the work of Crossroads.  Please consider your ability/desire to attend this year and let Pastor and/or Debbie know, or sign up on the sheet on the fellowship hall enry table. We have space for 2 more at our table.

     Many of you have noticed the deterioration of a number of our sanctuary chair coverings.  Those chairs were first put into use in 2007 when we moved into the room at ML Christian School.  When we moved to this location, another 50 chairs were purchased in 2012, some with arm rests to assist those who need some help standing from the sitting position.  When the first chairs started showing wear, ("cheap Chinese fabric," we were told), we bought a few replacement backs and seats, and had some extra fabric from the first set to help with some of the other repairs.  It appears now, however, that the company we had been using is no more (covid?), and so the search is on for a fabric that matches 'close enough' and a company that will sell it to us as non-commercial buyers.  Several leads are being followed at this time.  So YES, they do need to be fixed!  As soon as we get some fabric, we will schedule a "staple gun party" for any and all to help get that done!  Stay tuned & thank you.

Agnus Day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Agnus Day appears with the permission of  www. agnusday. org"

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Coming Soon!                                                                                                                                                                                                     10.02.2021  


He who testifies to these things says,
“Surely I am coming soon."  Amen.  Come, Lord Jesus!

Revelation 22:20

                  We have come to the end of the task that I set before myself -- to examine all of the "Truly I say unto you" passages from the New Testament. In all of these statements we have looked at, Jesus reverses the Jewish worship order. The "Amen" in Jewish worship normally comes as the closing "this is most certainly true" statement from the people as they hear and accept the Word of the Lord from the Lord himself or from his priests and prophets. By making an emphatic "Amen" or "Amen, Amen" the first word out of his mouth, our Lord Jesus and those who recorded his words are telling us to pay attention and remember what follows immediately. It is my true hope that you have found this exercise as enlightening and edifying as I have. Thanks to all for your encouragement and feedback as I have endeavored to finish this task.

          I felt it was only fitting to close this effort with one last statement from Jesus found outside the Gospels.  While not a "truly" statement, it is an emphatic one from our Lord that bears repeating, remembering, and contemplating.  After shepherding the author John through a series of apocalyptic visions and scenes, the Lord closes with this statement, "Surely I am coming soon."  And our response is Amen, just as any other worshiper would respond to the word of the Lord.

          Hearing this word from Jesus, our first thought may be to doubt the truthfulness of what is said.  It has been nearly 2000 years since Jesus ascended into heaven in the sight of his disciples.  Two thousand years is a long time -- to us.  But what is 2000 years to an eternal being?   2 Peter 3:8 reminds us "But do not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day."  So with an eternal notion of time, we can say that Jesus ascended 2 days ago.  "Returning soon" takes on a whole different layer of meaning when we think in terms of eternity.  If one thousand years equals one day in an eternal mindset, perhaps we should allow the Lord at least a week (7000 years) before giving up on his returning soon!

          The Lord will return when and where he wills.  He has promised.  He does not lie (Psalm 118).  So when Jesus states, "Surely, I am returning soon," we can respond  "Amen [truly], come Lord Jesus."

          Remember we belong to Him -- forever -- Amen.

          Pastor Lou