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Readings, Announcements for October 10, 2021

Greetings from Living Word Lutheran Church
Sunday Service each week at 9:00 AM, 2609 West Broadway,  and on Facebook LIVE

[Jesus said], “You lack one thing ...  come, follow me.”    -- Mark 10:21b

Pentecost +20

October 10, 2021
First Reading: Amos 5:6-7, 10-15
Psalm:  Psalm 90:12-17
Second Reading: Hebrews 3:12-19
Gospel Lesson:  Mark 10:17-22
Saturday October 9 Arlene L-wson Memorial -- 11 AM, Our Savior's, Ephrata
  Crossroads Fundraiser banquet -- seating at 5:30 PM, Grant County           Fairgrounds 4-H building (enter via main gate)
Sunday October 10
Service of the Word --   9:00 AM,  in person and on Facebook Live;
      followed by Service of the Sacrament* with the Lord's Supper;
   (Communion is not part of the FB Live broadcast --
         please contact Pastor Lou if you are not attending in person
       and would like to arrange to have communion.
Monday October 11 Confirmation:  (date change), 6 PM at Neustel's house
Wednesday October 13 >> No Bible History study:  Pastor Lou at Idaho conference
Thursday October 14 >> No Table Talk -- Pastor at Idaho pastor conference
Saturday October 16 Holly Blazer wedding -- at the Blazer home

> Keeping these in our Prayers:
  Wayne L., for peace and comfort at the death of his wife, Arlene, on Sunday 9/19; service at 11 AM Oct. 9, at
        Our Savior's Lutheran church LCMS, Ephrata
Anne and Bob G., & Anne's mom, Monica, for peace and comfort at the death of Anne's father, Ralph, on Thursday, 9/30;
    Anne (Sharon's sister), hospitalized with several very serious health complications;
Shirley M.,  quick healing after a fall at home;
    Alex and Walker (grand- and greatgrandsons of Shirley M.), swift healing from covid infection;
    For the healing of our country and all citizens during these times of unease, disease, and unrest;

EECMY churches, pastors, and students we support in Ethiopia, brutal events & persecutions in civil war;
  Christians in Afghanistan;
  Those who may be struggling with depression or loneliness;
> Friends and Family battling Cancer:  
  John Schaf-r, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma diagnosis; chemotherapy treatments for monthly for 6 months;
  Kaitlin (Dawn V. granddaughter), that thyroid cancer surgery follow-ups wipe it out;
  Carol (Mike L-hou's daughter-in-law);
  Sharon K., (Pastor Hesse's second cousin), stage IV esophageal cancer;
Grant C., (Kelli's friend's son, age 6), chemotherapy week 5 -- embryonal rhabdomysarcoma;
  Elijah T, age 5, (nephew of Malea), recently diagnosed with leukemia; chemotherapy has begun;
  Wayne R., (friend of the Bensons, businessman & former ML mayor);
  Jackie L. (wife of Stan's friend Mark --Basin Propane), needing a miracle after stage 4 liver cancer diagnosis;
  Emma, (14 yr old daughter of Norm's friend Bob Tatum);  
  Carol G., (friend of Ila and Charlene), multiple myeloma;
  Emily, (friend of Kelli), brain cancer, frontal lobe;
  Aliyah  (Ila's 3-yr old niece) and  Bill, (brother of John Schafer), both with glioblastoma brain cancer.   

> Those who mourn the loss of loved ones;
     especially the Garretts, Wayne, the Robillards, Conahans, Neustels, LeMasters, Hesses, Blazers, Tuckers;
>Friends and family members who struggle with addictions of various kinds,
>Expectant mothers (and fathers!) -- and for those who would like to be; especial
ly Lexi & Caleb;
>Engaged couples preparing for marriage, especially
Darby & Talen; Glen & Erika; Gaige & Danielle;
> Thanks, Blessings, and Praises
-- Congratulations to Josh & AmandaStucky, united in marriage on Oct. 8;
     --  Many blessings on Holly Blazer & Michael Clune, who will be married October 16 at the Blazer home;
       --  Happy Birthday this week  to
Jesse Garza (10/12),
     --  Happy Annivesary to Norm & Linda (10/9)
Continued Prayers for:
    Active military & law enforcement (especially Jonathan P., Olaf M., Brady E., Jordan M., Luke S., Logan H.;  * Justin E, Jeff W, David H;  Riley C;
Evie and Charlene at home;  Gordon at Brookdale/Hearthstone - 
Vicki G at Columbia Crest  -  Joe Morr-ss  --Jake & Jennifer (Charlene's daughter, grandson)  -  Julie Reyn-lds (Laurie O. sister, breast cancer) -  Joe M., Danette, Kyle E.,  Loren, Josh - Rev. Steve My-rs (in Spokane).

Reformation and All Saints Feast and Fellowship Potluck
After missing last year, we plan to again hold our annual Reformation and All Saints Feast and Fellowship potluck dinner on October 31 at 12:30 PM, to allow time for those who need to prepare food and change clothes at home after the Sunday service.

Pastor Conference
    While in South Dakota last week for the Augsburg Lutheran Churches pastor conference, Pastor Lou was invited to attend a gathering of the Southern Idaho pastors, at which one of his ILT seminary teachers will be presenting, October 12-14.  All LW classes (confirmation, History, and Table Talk) are cancelled this week due to his being out of town for that conference.  There is no cell phone service at this camp location, unfortunately; internet is spotty.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

Read it online here: Grace and Commitment

Agnus Day. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . "Agnus Day appears with the permission of  www. agnusday. org"

Attendance last Sunday; October 3, 2021:  53

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